Cote d'Ivoire 1998

International staff : 9 National staff: 130 Nutritional aids for refugees Ivory Coast has been a refuge to huge numbers of Liberian refugees during the long years of war. Now, they are beginning to return home. MSF continues intensive feeding programmes in the 24-hour centre in Tabou, receiving an average of 100 children monthly, and a small day centre in Gozon health centre. The supplementary feeding programme for refugees in Gozon is also maintained. On the medical side, way stations were opened in the border area, monitoring refugee numbers and acting as vaccination points. In the Gozon 24-hour health centre, MSF ensures EPI, a monthly average of 3,500 consultations, 50 hospitalisations, 400 antenatal consultations and around 50 births. MSF is also in charge of four health posts, providing outpatient consultations and vaccinations for an isolated population. A cholera camp is installed in Tabou ready to function as and when required. A cholera intervention was again required in July 1997 in an Abidjan detention centre where overcrowding (5,000 detainees are held in a facility foreseen for 1,500), and insufficient food and drinking water encourage the disease to spread. MSF has now started a longer-term project aimed at improving the nutritional status of detainees and their access to health care.