Civilians flee renewed fighting at Mile 91

Fighting broke out once more on Wednesday, June 28, around Mile 91 - a town in the central part of Sierra Leone - between rebels and the government army. This was followed by the heavy shelling of a neighbouring village seven kilometres away from Mile 91. A large part of the population, and the 40,000 displaced people in Mile 91, fled in panic towards the south. The MSF team, along with other humanitarian organisations present in the town, had to suspend its work and the team left to Moyamba farther to the south. Since then, the local people and displaced persons have gradually started returning to Mile 91. After a local team from MSF visited the location on June 29, a larger team resumed work the next day. The clinic which they set up last week has been reopened, so that basic healthcare can be offered. MSF is advocating for the displaced persons to be accomodated at a safe location. UN guidelines lay down that displaced people have the right not to be accommodated at places where their life, safety, liberty and/or health would be at risk.