Chad: Large-scale health care programme

International staff: 30

MSF's long-term programme in the southern region of Mayo Kebbi now extends towards neighbouring East Logone. The objective is to provide support to the health system for preventive and curative care by ensuring supplies of drugs and medical material, and setting up a cost recovery system for health centres to become self-financing. country MSF runs seven district hospital programmes where surgery is carried out and works in 12 health centres. MSF also supports laboratories in 36 health centres. The team supervises health posts and carries out clinical follow up. MSF also provides medicine and medical material to pharmacies. A team intervened in a meningitis outbreak in southern Chad from February to March 1999. MSF had vaccinated several districts in 1998, including 2,000 Sudanese refugees. MSF prepares for foreseeable emergencies such as epidemics and is helping coordinate inter-border cooperation on cholera in Cameroon and Chad. MSF provides primary health care assistance in the densely populated southern district of Koumra in the Sahr prefecture. This project started in 1995. Here, the team deals with many endemic illnesses such as malaria, diarrhoea, bleeding diarrhoea, respiratory infections and schistomiasis, which is a disease caused by infestation of the body with blood flukes. MSF has built dispensaries and rehabilitated Koumra Hospital, where it opened a new surgical wing. MSF supplies medicine and medical material to health structures in Koumra and oversees health care training. A cost recovery system is now in place.