Central African Republic 1998

International staff : 6 National staff : 12 POST-EMERGENCY PROGRAMME A UN force has now replaced the previous inter-African force monitoring implementation of an agreement to end social unrest caused by CAR army mutinies, including that of June 1997 leading to the displacement of 20,000 to 30,000 people. MSF supplied emergency assistance during the June 1997 mutiny and remained to carry out a 12-month post-emergency programme in health centres in the Petevo, Yapele, La Kouanga and Bimbo areas of Bangui. The overall objective is to improve access to health care for the target population of 236,882 working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health. The current project aims to improve the quality of preventive and curative care with a special emphasis on mother-and-child health, the management of drug supplies and the running of the pharmacy, as well as the health information system. The project also provides support for EPI, the laboratory and the out-patients department of each centre. The community will work together with MSF to improve the physical structure of the health centres. The team will also give training on specific subjects in consultation with the regional health director. Support is being given to emergency preparedness and in late 1997, MSF assisted the Ministry of Health in managing a cholera outbreak.