Burkina-Faso 1998

International staff: 4 National staff : 10 HEALTHCARE FOR NOMADS Health coverage is poor for much of the mainly agricultural and pastoral population of Burkina Faso and epidemics are frequent. In the health district of Djibo, Soum province, in the north of Burkina Faso, MSF collaborates closely with the local authorities in a programme constructing and rehabilitating infrastructure, providing material, and setting up depots of essential medicines for the largely nomadic population. MSF also ensures training and supervision for health workers and installs community health workers and traditional midwives. Another programme in the capital, Ougadougou, is directed towards 600 street-children. A mobile team is working to improve their access to health care and to set up a reference system towards existing medical structures. The team, working in partnership with local organisations, encourages these bodies to take on responsibility for the youngsters. The programme also has a social content directed towards reinserting the children into society.