Belgium: Free consultations for those who lack access to care

  • National staff: 12
    3 Volunteers: 20

    Refugees and others without papers - primarily from Kosovo, Eastern Europe and Africa - continued to seek MSF's services in Belgium over the last year.

    In 1999, more than 2,600 people sought help in Antwerp, Brussels, Verviers and Liège, where MSF has small consultation clinics for people who are excluded from the country's health system. There was a rise in the number of young people and children who sought help, with a total of 7,500 consultations in all.

    Another project, "Mpore," began in 1999. Using group therapy and individual sessions, a Rwandan psychologist works with refugees traumatized by the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Many institutions (such as the school system) and parents who are worried about young Rwandans have turned to the "Mpore" project for help.

    In the capital, Brussels, MSF offers free and anonymous testing for HIV, with psychological help and follow-up.