Audio file: post-Hurricane Stan work in Guatemala

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In the wake of Hurricane Stan that struck the Guatelamala shoreline in early October, MSF staff remain active in the area providing essential care that will continue for some time to come. In this short interview, MSF head of mission in Guatemala, Dr. Frank Doerner, had just returned from a helicopter survey of the disaster region and offers this appraisal.

Transcript: "What we see is that medical help is arriving, the medical needs are more or less covered. Now it is important to systematise the surveillance of epidemiological data to make sure there is no epidemic outbreak of communicable diseases, diarrheal diseases or malaria or dengue in the areas where the waster is still standing and is going to stay for the next days or weeks.

"What MSF is doing in this country is establishing safe water supplies for the people, looking for possibilities to reconstruct housing as well as well as taking care of data collections about epidemiological vectors to have a small surveillance for epidemics."