Attacks on the USA

Médecins Sans Frontières public statement

September 14, 2001 - Thousands of people massacred whilst they went about their daily business... horror in the very heart of New York. Our immediate thoughts are for the wounded, the families of those affected by these tragic events as well as our American friends and colleagues; our sympathy to all those confronted with pain and death.

However, in light of the United States’ position internationally, our indignation is coupled with concern for the future. We have woken up this morning to a disrupted, more dangerous world.

World stability has been shaken and the changes to come inspire little hope. Like many, we fear an escalation of violence and further suffering. Already the prevailing climate is little disposed to impartial, independent humanitarian assistance, and space for effective action is reduced.

For 30 years we have been confronted with large scale suffering. Our role is to assist, as best we can, those who are crushed by the politics of war which always claim to be the fight of ‘Good’ against ‘Evil’. These references to the ‘Just Cause’ are accompanied, more often than not, by unrestrained cruelty. We are beside those who suffer the consequences. Our independence and action, as you know, rely on the unwavering solidarity of the public for whom there are no good or bad victims.

We are mobilised. First to continue helping those who rarely have the privilege of being in the spotlight of international news. Second to demand that civilians, whoever they are and wherever they may be, do not pay the price of war and confrontation.