Arrest made one year after death of five MSF volunteers in Afghanistan

Parents of murdered aid worker meet with Afghan president

Afghan murders one year on - In Memoriam: June 2, 2004 - June 2, 2005

MSF confirms the arrest of the prime suspect in the killings of five colleagues in Afghanistan in June 2004. The Afghan government has informed MSF that the suspect has been arrested in the past week and brought to Kabul.

The government confirmed as well that the murder of our colleagues will be one of the main charges against the arrested suspect.

We hope that these moves are part of a complete investigation of the motives behind the crime and the prosecution of all involved. MSF has raised this issue several times in the past year, most recently during a visit of the Afghan president Karzai to Belgium in May.

If the investigation by the Afghan authorities concludes that others were involved in the execution of this crime, then these individuals should also be brought to justice.

MSF awaits further developments in this case and hopes that the investigation will provide the families or our murdered colleagues and MSF with long awaited answers on the reasons behind this crime.