After attacks on UN staff, MSF suspends projects in Ruhigi province of Burundi

Disruptions are considered 'normal' but recent attacks show that security is decreasing.
The MSF projects in Ruhigi province, Burundi, have been suspended after two incidents on Feb 16, 2002. Three Burundese UN-staff, who were travelling in an unmarked car, were attacked. One person was killed, the other two wounded. In addition, a handgrenade was thrown at a UN-truck carrying refugees back from Tanzania. "The second attack was clearly targeted at the UN", said MSF country co-ordinator Colum Wilson, speaking from Bujumbura. "Distruptions in our work are normal in Ruhigi province, but these incidents show that the insecurity is clearly increasing. We've suspended the projects for two weeks. Rebel forces are clashing with government forces inland, causing displacement among the population. Due to the insecurity, we cannot determine how serious the situation there exactly is."