Additional cargo with key supplies leaving for Asian quake zone


Staff members have been constantly en route to the earthquake zone. Currently in Pakistan, 41 expat staff have already arrived. Another 31 are leaving in the coming days.

In addition, there are dozens of national staff members working at the disaster.

Staff include doctors and surgeons, nurses, logisticians, mental health officers, water and sanitation experts and communications officers.

In India, there are ten expat staff consisting of doctors, nurses, mental health staff and logisticians as well as another 53 national staff members.


MSF immediately delivered emergency shipments to both the Pakistan and Indian sides of Kashmir immediately following the earthquake. In Lamnian, Pakistan, medical supplies were donated to local facilities as MSF staff, the MSF house and clinic where we were working were demolished in the earthquake.

In addition, on October 13, a cargo flight from Ostende, Belgium will leave for Islamabad with 50 cubic meters of medical material including surgical equipment, dresssings, basic health kits and body bags. Another 67 cubic meters of logistical material is also being delivered on the same flight with materials including blankets, generators, water tanks and plastic sheeting.

A second charter will leave from Liege, Belgium to Islamabad with 80 metric tons of blankets, tents, BP5 biscuits, water tanks, generators, water and sanitation material, water filters, rope, water treatment units and body bags.

MSF is coordinating its work through Islamabad. Priority is for wounded and the distribution of relief items

In India. MSG is working in the Indian-controlled Kahsmir province, with operations in Srinagar; Kupwara; Baramullah; Uri. The focus is on distribution of relief and medical supplies, basic health care units and mental health counselling.