Kala azar (visceral leishmaniasis)

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Crisis Update
“The humanitarian needs of those that fled are vast and are not being met,” says Abdalla Hussein...
"MSF's role as first responder was crucial at the start of the emergency. We were able to take care...
Largely unknown in high-income countries (although it is present in the Mediterranean basin), kala...
In India, MSF focuses mainly on mental healthcare, screening and treatment for HIV, tuberculosis (...
Press release
Five diseases with the potential to become epidemics in 2016 are being highlighted by MSF. “We know...
Notes from the field
Nurse Jillian Loveland on her second mission with MSF in Old Fangak, South Sudan.
Photo of the week
The conflict that erupted in South Sudan little more than a year ago has left people more...
Casey O’Connor oversees MSF’s activities in Lankien and reflects on a tough year.
Largely unknown in wealthy countries, visceral leishmaniasis (also know as kala azar – Hindi for ‘...
Press release
Fast-tracked development of integrated kala azar and HIV guidelines needed
From this day on, treatment for kala azar in Bihar will only take two hours.
Medical resources
Long-term Effectiveness and Treatment Outcomes with Liposomal Amphotericin B (AmBisome)
Medical resources
A publication on visceral-leishmaniasis-HIV co-infection
Video: Medical Care Under Fire in South Sudan
Medical resources
Hypokalaemia-Induced Rhabdomyolysis after Treatment of PKDL with High-Dose AmBisome in Bangladesh—A...
Press release
MSF is calling on the Bihar government and NVBDCP to recognise and treat Post Kala azar Dermal...